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100 Word Challenge

…but “I’m afraid it’s the last one”, he said…

This is the last 100 WC prompt for the year! You need to include the prompt EXACTLY as it is written above, giving you 109 words altogether.

See if you can use some speech. Remember to use inverted commas, new speaker new line and words instead of ‘said’.
A simple, compound and complex sentence
A simile and onomatopoeia
Post your challenge as a comment below.

What will our containers contain?



Cuckoo spit


Sammi Jo and Leah researched what was living in the cuckoo spit that they found on the plants today. What did they find out?



We started to use our designs to make our containers today. Who can explain what a container is?

What shape is this?


Leah started making her container in DT today. What shape is it?




We made our own waterers today to help make sure the plants stay watered. Who can explain how they work?